Tunnel Club

Rich’s second book, Tunnel Club, is a coming of age novel written for grown ups about the unbelievable legend of East High.

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In 1990, four boys entered high school just as countless kids before them. But this was no ordinary high school, and these were no ordinary students. The Salt Lake High School East was in transition, some would say in decline. There was something different about the boys, too. From all walks of life they came together in the quest of a legend: a secret, underground swimming pool.

Daryl, Hiram, Earl, and Allen were the founding members of the Tunnel Club, dedicated to finding the lost pool. Early in the school year, they heard the rumors of a subterranean pool, long ago sealed up and nearly forgotten. Their search leads them into discovering all sorts of things about their school—its history, people, and their place in the community. Determined to find out more, they uncover secrets, like burnt-out stairwells that lead to catacombs and other strange features of the ancient edifice. They also learn about the people behind the building, and the demographic and political forces behind its changes.